In your PrestaShop admin panel go to Modules -> Modules and Services section, choose Installed modules tab and type in the Search field “Faceted Search” to find the module. If the module is not installed, click the Install button. When the module is installed, click the Configure button. Here you have to edit template so, you can see selection for categories where you want to show filter option on your store. You can also see there filter option which you can enable for product filter.

Indexes and Caches

To work properly, Faceted Search must be kept up-to-date with your latest products, product attributes, and all product prices. That’s why it is necessary to re-index the data.

Index all missing prices – only adds to the index the prices that were not indexed before. Rebuild entire price index – adds to the index all the prices, whether they were already indexed before or not. Build attribute index – adds to the index all the product attributes.